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The Best Multifamily Architects in Tampa, Florida

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Situated on the west coast of Florida, the city of Tampa is the largest city in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. It is a popular entertainment hub that provides residents with a combination of urban and suburban settings. Tampa’s subtropical climate and proximity to world-class beaches and parks draw millions of tourists each year. The thriving community offers a diverse local culture, historic districts, professional sports teams, and renowned educational and medical establishments. As Tampa continues to grow, the city is investing in enhanced infrastructure and services, and demand for housing is at a high. This makes Tampa ideal for housing investors and developers. The list below describes five of the best multifamily architects in Tampa, Florida. These firms were chosen based on their awards, experience, and portfolios.

Baker Barrios Architects

100 Madison Street Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33602

Baker Barrios Architects is a multifamily architectural firm that specializes in commercial architecture. Now in its twenty-eighth year, it delivers quality-driven service anchored in its commitment to creating valuable relationships with customers and partners. Using advanced building and design software, the firm delivers flexible, quality-assured, and well-coordinated project designs in Tampa and Orlando, Florida as well as in Nashville, Tennessee. Also, the firm strives to build creative and inspirational projects with designs that positively impact the community.

Project by Baker Barrios Architects

Baker Barrios Architects was founded by Timothy Baker, who leads the firm. Tim sets the company’s strategic direction and vision and has been the driving force of the company’s growth. His background includes projects with world-renowned brands like Coca-Cola and The Walt Disney Company. Tim is an impressive all-rounder, affiliated with significant industry groups such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Orlando Municipal Planning Board, the Orlando Development Board, and many others as chairperson or board member.

BDG Architects

100 Ashley Dr. Suite #100, Tampa, FL 33602

Considered one of the industry frontrunners in design excellence, BDG Architects is a full-service architectural planning and design provider. He works with a highly creative and dynamic team of architects consisting of AIA and NCARB accredited professionals and more than 130 people who ensure that only the best is offered and delivered to its clients. At BDG, the customer’s needs always come first. The company customizes its services and product offerings to perfectly match each client’s distinct needs and business strategies. BDG Architects’s exceptional performance has begun to attract a sizable share of clients outside Tampa.

Project by BDG Architects

Chris Kirschner is the incumbent President of BDG Architects. Chris is an AIA-accredited architect with more than 30 years of professional experience in architecture consulting and design services. He has been involved with a variety of projects, from retail to multifamily and mixed-use, and has active WELL Design and LEED certifications. Chris also participates actively in professional groups and committees such as the AIA, USGBC, NFPA, and ICSC.

BSB Design

100 Main Street Suite 209, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Taking pride in its exemplary portfolio, reflecting creativity, refinement, and top-tier quality, BSB Design has found its niche in architectural community design. Unlike other architecture firms, BSB Design sets itself apart through its primary involvement in the production housing sector, directly tapping giant home production builders. BSB Design is a trendsetter, and its hunger for continuous innovation makes the firm a customer favorite. It was the first to introduce a consultation process to clients wherein all concerned stakeholders in product programming and quality design are involved. Also, the firm has enjoyed more than 50 years of successful business through consistently exceeding the customers’ expectations and it looks forward to creating new, valuable partnerships with the communities it serves.

Project by BSB Design

BSB Design is led by President and CEO Daniel Swift, AIA. Daniel actively supervises the company’s business development, innovation efforts, and the overall direction of design patterns and methods. Also recognized as a star in multifamily, mixed use, and single-family projects, Daniel, together with his collaborative team of top-notch professionals in the industry, makes BSB Design an industry standard-bearer.

Kimmich Smith Architecture

2803 W. Busch Blvd. Ste 101, Tampa, FL 33618

Kimmich | Smith Architecture is an architectural planning and design provider in North Tampa Bay. It primarily specializes in delivering architectural design services for luxury multifamily developers. Kimmich | Smith Architecture also offers innovative and quality design solutions for a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Despite being a relative newcomer in the industry, the firm is expert in providing exceptional designs and excellent customer service. Backed by decades of experience of its principals and staff, Kimmich | Smith Architecture provides visionary design and building solutions and exceeds client expectations.

Project by Kimmich Smith Architecture

Justin Kimmich, AIA, NCARB, is the firm’s founder and current President. He and co-founder Ernest L. Smith established Kimmich | Smith Architecture in 2017. Under their leadership, the company is positioning itself as a vanguard of architectural innovation and cutting-edge technology. In its first four years, it has delivered numerous projects, designs, and fresh vision for developers. Among these is the recently completed Apex 1100 project, which reflects the firm’s creativity, problem-solving, and customer value orientation. The project transformed an old ​office building ​and previously failed development into exclusive, luxury apartments.

Rojo Architecture

5701 E Hillsborough Ave. #1130, Tampa, FL 33610

Located on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, Rojo Architecture, LLC is committed to providing a complete, customer-oriented design experience. It primarily works on upscale and premium projects around Tampa but has also expanded to markets outside Florida. The firm puts equal value on architecture and interior design for its detail-oriented and design-savvy clients. In ensuring that customers will have the “complete design experience,” Rojo Architecture, LLC provides superior designs, efficient and effective cost strategies, and solid project management from planning until project construction. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the firm achieves quality results within the set time frame and budget.

Project by Rojo Architecture

Rojo Architecture, LLC, is headed by John Saladana, who has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. John and his team of skilled architecture, interior design, project management, and construction professionals consistently surpass clients’ expectations, raising the standards for competitors. Over more than two decades, the firm has built a project portfolio of effective designs for diverse structure types.