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The Best Office Builders in Tampa, Florida

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With a high influx of tourists, Tampa experiences high levels of economic activity. This major Gulf Coast city’s most active markets include tourism, healthcare, finance, insurance, technology, construction, and maritime. The bay port—the largest in Florida—also plays a big role in Tampa’s economic impact. Companies also benefit from the local airport and interstate system, which allows operations to reach various local and international consumers. Tampa also has an attractive, stable, and pro-business environment thanks to its lower operating costs, no personal income tax, light regulatory burdens, and skilled labor force.

For anyone interested in expanding or starting their business in Tampa, we have created a list of the best office builders in the area. These firms have worked with various clients in different markets, giving them the ability to meet unique demands and specialized requirements.

Ryan Companies

2150 Via Bella Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34639

Ryan Companies’s approach to construction revolves around the idea that the value of its projects comes from more than just the money put into it. The importance of each space the firm creates is based on the role it can play in the lives of the people who use it, and the community in which it is built. When beginning a project, the firm makes sure to understand the reason why the client wants to build something so that it can figure out the best way to achieve the client’s vision. Ryan Companies’s strategy also allows it to produce dynamic designs that meet unique needs.

Citrus Park Crossings is the product of a collaboration between Ryan Companies and its client. This project features a three-story Class A office building, which is the first structure to be built in a mixed-use commercial planned development in Tampa. When Ryan Companies was brought on board, its team realized that the project required flexibility, because Citrus Park Crossings was the first and only specialized office developed since the recession. The firm partnered with construction consultant and development partner CPI, providing support and matching its pace. Once completed, the project received an Award of Merit from the Hillsborough County Planning Commission.

The Sinclair Group

111 South Albany Ave. Ste 200, Tampa, FL 33606

The Sinclair Group specializes in real estate development and design-build work, meaning its team understands the best way to manage projects from start to finish. Its expertise lies in establishing and maintaining reasonable budgets while providing quality services to clients. Its services focus on developing structures for commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail, medical, and residential markets; most of its projects are from repeat clients. The Sinclair Group primarily serves Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island.

Firm president Burk Clark is also the founder of The Sinclair Group. He established the firm based on the principles of quality, service, and integrity, which continue to guide operations today. As president, Clark uses his experience from four decades of professional work to manage client development, as well as estimating and overseeing operations. His commitment to establishing lasting partnerships and developing the Tampa Bay community has been cited as one of the reasons why The Sinclair Group is among Tampa’s most respected construction firms.

Rubicon General Contractors

5946 Benjamin Rd. Tampa, FL 33634

As a full-service commercial general contractor serving Orlando and Tampa, Rubicon General Contractors has the ability to adapt to meet needs unique to individual clients and locations. The firm’s expertise in tenant improvement allows it to satisfy the dynamic requirements of various markets, including healthcare, commercial, and corporate. By using the latest technology, Rubicon increases the efficiency of the construction process and experience. Aspects like on-site electronic construction plans, building protection, and updated site information have benefited from the firm’s investment in technology.

Rubicon works to ensure the time and resources its partners—architects, clients, owners—put into projects do not go to waste. The effort the firm puts into its projects has been consistently lauded by numerous clients. According to several testimonials, the firm is professional, non-intrusive, respectful, and thorough. One client, whose project took place during occupancy, mentioned how there were no interruptions to their workflow while Rubicon worked. This client was particularly impressed with how quality-focused the team was. Another client expressed gratitude for the way Rubicon did everything it could to make sure the project was finished on time and with minimum problems.

Gerardi Construction

1604 N 19th St. Tampa, FL 33605

Phillip H. Gerardi established Gerardi Construction to help clients with a variety of concerns, ranging from repainting interiors to constructing buildings sized at 400,000 square feet. As a family-owned firm, it understands the importance of observing safe and on-time practices in producing quality work. Recognized for its ability to complete various types of projects, Gerardi Construction has been featured in publications like Tampa Bay Times in recent years.

With more than half of its client base returning for new projects, Gerardi Construction has grown into a firm with a wide range of expertise. It has worked on office complexes, retail shopping centers, financial institutions, and restaurants; its skill encouraged past clients to request it to expand and renovate old projects. The firm attributes its success to the collaborative environment it fosters between its employees and clients. By keeping clients directly involved, Gerardi Construction can more effectively understand and execute their goals.

ABI Companies, Inc.

5425 Beaumont Center Blvd. Ste. 900, Tampa, FL 33634

ABI Companies, Inc. primarily works on projects throughout the Eastern United States and Texas areas, providing renovation and interior-related services. As a rule, the firm fosters an environment of integrity and trust with clients. Having a close relationship helps the firm to better guide and follow clients, offering advice in some aspects and taking a back seat in others. This approach has allowed ABI Companies, Inc. to complete corporate offices, medical facilities, retail centers, and hospitality spaces.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry, ABI Companies, Inc. has served various established clients. Some of its clientele include Fortune 500 companies, each of whom trusts the firm’s stability and professionalism. ABI Companies, Inc.’s team is made up of craftsmen with an average tenure of more than 10 years, which helps the firm maintain quality and style across the board. These team members also understand the importance of commitment to the craft, setting out to do exactly what they promise clients they will.