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The Best Residential General Contractors in Tampa, Florida

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Tampa presents a variety of possibilities for those seeking a change, whether it’s for the draw of sunshine, proximity to the beach, or the thriving job opportunities in top industries that have embraced the city as their base. It epitomizes the finest aspects of Florida living, captivating individuals, couples, and families alike with its promising job opportunities and prosperous atmosphere. Furthermore, the city’s vibrant arts scene, rich cultural heritage, and exceptional quality of life further fuel its remarkable growth rate, making Tampa a highly sought-after destination that offers the best of both professional and personal aspirations.

Here, we present a list of the best residential general contractors in Tampa, Florida. In Tampa, just like in any other city, general contractors play a pivotal role in collaborating with you throughout your project, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. They shoulder the responsibility of acquiring work permits, coordinating supply deliveries, and overseeing the work of subcontractors, such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. On this list, each firm boasts a team of seasoned professionals who possess extensive expertise to guide you through every phase of your residential project, offering comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

Coelum Construction

12360 Race Track Rd. Tampa, FL 33626

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, Coelum Construction is a family-run construction business that was founded in 2017. Proudly recognized as one of Tampa’s top general contractors, the company takes great pride in delivering services and products of the highest quality to its clients. Made of a team of skilled contractors, designers, and artisans, Coelum Construction is dedicated to achieving stunning and efficient results, whether it’s constructing a new house, adding an addition, or remodeling an existing home or office. One of the company’s key strengths lies in the exceptional team of residential and commercial remodeling professionals it has carefully assembled over the years. This talented team enables Coelum Construction to maintain strong project timelines, ensuring that initiatives are completed promptly and to the highest standards. 

Coelum Construction particularly specializes in its internal masonry division for new construction, which includes both additions and kitchen remodels. The company provides a variety of interior alternatives that fit any client’s budget while maintaining great quality. This includes options for various countertop and cabinet lines, flooring, and trim kits. The primary areas of expertise for Coelum Construction as a residential and commercial construction company include new home or business establishments, kitchen remodels, and bathroom remodels, though it also works on building extensions, complete house renovations, commercial build-outs, office upgrades, hotel improvements, and restaurant renovations. 

Jamco Unlimited

2770 Summerdale Dr. Clearwater, FL 33761

Since its establishment in 1995, Jamco Unlimited has been a reputable name, specializing in providing customized ideas, cabinetry, room extensions, and top-notch kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. With over 27 years of experience, the company takes pride in managing all aspects of construction, including demolition, complete installation, painting, and plumbing, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive process for its clients. This mission runs under the leadership of its principal, James Macholz, who brings to the table a wealth of expertise, having graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and previously owning his own remodeling business on Long Island. His credentials include both the Certified Building Contractors License and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Certified Remodeler certification. He was also highlighted in the October 2009 issue of Architecture Builder for constructing a unique vertical spa in a client’s home.

Highlighted here is one notable project completed by Jamco Unlimited. This Master Bath Remodel earned a NARI Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award for Residential Bathroom over $100,000. The clients wanted a brand-new, contemporary-looking bathroom that could accommodate two people and included smart controls throughout. They also hoped for an indoor and outdoor adjustable steam bath and hands-free shower. The firm fulfilled these wishes, as well as installing a makeup counter, heated Bluetooth flooring, a multi-function toilet featuring a night light, and overhead Rain heads with dual temperature control. The clients also asked for a heated Air tub with appropriate lighting for two people.

Greaves Construction

109 N. Burlingame Ave. Temple Terrace, FL 33617

For over 38 years, Greaves Construction has been a full-service general contractor focusing on all facets of house remodeling, offering turnkey construction solutions and 100% customer satisfaction. The firm’s dedication to excellence has led it to win many awards throughout its years in service. The firm has won awards such as the 2009 and 2010 Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA) Remodeler of the Year, the 2013 TBBA Parade of Homes Excellence in Complete Kitchen Remodeling, the 2014 TBBA Parade of Homes Best Creative Use of Space for Kitchen, and the 2015 TBBA Parade of Homes Best Whole House Remodel. 

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Jonathan Greaves is the president of Greaves Construction. Under his leadership, Greaves Construction is accredited by the TBBA, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), and the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA).

Silver Palm Custom Homes and Remodeling

4801 Gulf Blvd. Suite 347, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

Silver Palm Custom Homes and Remodeling is a renowned building contractor that has over 15 years of experience remodeling condos and homes. As a state-certified building contractor, the firm offers a superior level of service and guarantees that its work is completed in line with all applicable state rules and regulations. The firm is also a member of NARI, further reflecting its commitment to upholding industry standards. Thanks to the company’s hands-on, personalized home remodeling services, Silver Palm Custom Homes and Remodeling’s clients can reliably redefine their living spaces.

Chuck Dawson, the firm’s president and a Certified Remodeler (CR), has been in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. In this time, he has built several custom homes, including his own, as well as remodeled homes and condos all throughout the area. In addition to being a CR, Dawson is also an active member of the St Pete Yacht Club and was the 2016 NARI Tampa Bay chapter’s 2nd vice president, reflecting his extensive knowledge of the field. He prides himself on being able to be extremely adaptable to any individual’s desires and on being directly involved in every project his firm completes. He and his wife, Susan Dawson, remodel and build homes together, which they have done throughout their entire 21 years of marriage. 

Ferrill Construction

3715 W Horatio St. Tampa, FL 33609

Ferrill Construction is a distinguished construction company specializing in residential new construction and comprehensive custom renovations or remodels. Its expertise also extends to restoring both old residences and business structures throughout the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg region. With a remarkable track record, the company boasts over 650 homes built or renovated and has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the industry. Since 2000, it has completed over 300 custom-built homes and more than 500 home renovations within the area. A hallmark of its team’s work is its ability to seamlessly blend elegance and modernization while preserving the unique textures, vibrant colors, and captivating designs from decades past. 

David Ferrill, the owner and president of Ferrill Construction, is a building contractor with several years of contracting experience in the Tampa area. He has worked on new home construction projects, historic renovations, commercial developments, and townhome developments. He earned his degrees in real estate and finance from Florida State University, and later served the City of Tampa’s Architectural Review Commission (ARC). These experiences have given Ferrill a thorough understanding of all the historical restrictions governing construction around the South Tampa area. 

Alair Homes South Tampa

730 S Sterling Ave. Suite 111, Tampa, FL 33609

Alair Homes is a renowned firm for offering top-notch custom-built homes and artistically pleasing, yet contemporary, renovations of older homes. From multi-million dollar estates to affordable starter houses, it takes delight in each and every one of its projects, as the same degree of attention to detail, skill, and excellent customer service is applied to each. Alair Homes’ success in South Tampa and across North America is largely attributed to its transparent and hands-on approach to building, making it a go-to choice for many nearby residents.

One of the leading partners at Alair Homes is Simon Amesbury, who began his career in the UK as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. There, he managed costs and provided contractual advice on construction projects. Later, Amesbury oversaw consultants on multi-million-to-billion-dollar developments as a partner of the International Construction and Cost (ICC) Consultancy Gleeds. Now, under his direction, Alair Homes South Tampa provides an unmatched service that is crucial for customers who are making their first investment in a new house.

Belvedere Builders

1385 Oakfield Dr. Brandon, FL, 33509

Belvedere Builders is an innovative home and renovation design builder that provides creativity, technical proficiency, and dedicated customer care to every residential and commercial building project it undertakes. Belvedere Builders was founded in 2015 by Bob Hanson and Mike Kildow, who offer more than 40 years of collective expertise in both the residential and commercial construction sectors.

Belvedere Builders has discovered that starting with a clean slate allows it to deliver precisely the outcomes its clients desire. The process begins with a blank piece of paper, and the team at Belvedere Builders takes the time to deeply understand the vision that the clients have for their building. Through thorough consultations, the team gathers all the necessary details to create a comprehensive plan, before developing 3D plans and concepts that bring the vision to life. These detailed plans allow the clients to visualize their future home, ensuring that every aspect aligns with their preferences and needs. From the finishes to the windows and walls, clients can virtually explore the entire home before any construction begins or investments are made. This approach supports clients in making informed decisions and gives them the confidence that their dream home will become a reality.

Sample Properties

4214 W. El Prado Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

For over three decades, Sample Properties has been a prominent figure in the Tampa area, specializing in designing and constructing exquisite custom houses. With years of expertise and in-depth knowledge, the company prides itself on establishing close working relationships with its clients that allow it to successfully transform dreams into remarkable dream residences. At the core of every project is the firm’s unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, in which it pays meticulous attention to every detail. This approach, along with the firm’s unwavering commitment to client care, has earned Sample Properties a well-deserved reputation as one of the top custom house builders in the Tampa Bay area. 

Sample Properties takes immense pride in enhancing the community and ensuring the utmost comfort and happiness of its valued customers. Recently, the Beach Park home faced considerable flood damage on its main level, prompting the need for a distinctive remodel. In a collaborative effort with the clients, Sample Properties devised a customized design solution to restore and elevate the space. Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, Sample Properties took proactive measures to prevent future damage. The company’s skilled crew installed a cutting-edge WaterCop leak detection and prevention system, providing an added layer of protection against potential water-related issues.